The AI Summit Silicon Valley 2022

Sep 28 - 29, 2022


AI Summits community is a force of nature and we are passionate about providing platforms that bring everyone together to ensure that innovation,change, and progress within our industry countinues to happen and can progress in a way that helps the world in these uncertain times.

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Speakers (188)

Name Title Company

Sarah Beaudoin

Direct or Marketing Communications


Ahsan Baig

Chief Information Officer

AC Transit

Bojan Babic

Search and Local Discovery


Mitra Azizirad

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft AI and Innovation


Ramona Aubry

Director of Customer Success

Michael D. Abramoff

MD, PhD Founder and Executive Chairman

Digital Diagnostics

Jeff Boudier

Product Lead

Hugging Face

Jeffrey Bohn

Chief Strategy Officer

One Concern

Ravi Boggaram

CTO Senior Director, Global Digital Services & Platforms


Sean Bittner

Director of Data & AI